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Re: FastCGI,Isapi, CGI....

jwcarney@CoconutCode.com schrieb:
> Glad to see some activity on the list. I recently downloaded and installed
> Pi3Web on NT, and like it compared to Personal Web Server. I recently asked
> a question about FastCGI, but got no response. Assuming no is using that
> feature, what are most of you using, and in what capacity. I am considering
> Pi3Web for a small internet site, but was worried about security and
> dependability. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.
> Joe Carney
> jwcarney@coconutcode.com
> Deerfield Beach, FL

Hey Joe!

Here I'm back again with some news about FastCGI. I tried the stuff from
www.fastcgi.com and found out the following:

1 Platforms
- Windows NT 3.51 or 4.0 (couldn't try, since I'm still using Windows 95B)
- Unix (tried Linux)

2 Setup
2.1 Windows NT
- you must have MSVC++ 4.x or greater
- set environment variables
- run build_no_shell.bat

2.2 Linux
- run configure
- run make

3 Test
3.1 Windows NT
- will test tomorrow
3.2 Linux
- start an application server: ./cgi-fcgi -start -connect :3333 ./echo 
                               ^          ^      ^        ^     ^
                               server     option option   port  cgi-program

The test on Linux was succesfull.
with regards

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