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Re: FastCGI,Isapi, CGI....

I have little idea about what the FastCGI is.  Currently, my Pi3 is setup
do to Perl through an ISAPI.  That about does it for my department of
external programs.  I have been able to get Pi3 to work with PHP3.  I
assume that it is possible to get it to work with any CGI, and any ISAPI

As to security, the default configuration is pretty secure.  Just becareful
when configuring CGI's and ISAPI.  With my current setup, it is possible
for a person to send any file through the Perl Interpreter.  Though most of
these files will do nothing, I'm sure someone can figure out a way to crash
my computer.  This is a bad set-up, but until Pi3 can (or until I can
figure it out) do ISAPI based on extension, this the only way I know how to
do it.

For dependability -- that's very iffy.  Once I tried to make the Pi3 act as
a file server.  It died after a few minutes...  It doesn't seem to handle
large files well.  This might be a problem only in windows.  Not sure.  But
it is definitely much better than MS PWS.

At 09:21 AM 12/8/98 -0500, jwcarney@CoconutCode.com wrote:
>Glad to see some activity on the list. I recently downloaded and installed
>Pi3Web on NT, and like it compared to Personal Web Server. I recently asked
>a question about FastCGI, but got no response. Assuming no is using that
>feature, what are most of you using, and in what capacity. I am considering
>Pi3Web for a small internet site, but was worried about security and
>dependability. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.
>Joe Carney
>Deerfield Beach, FL