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Re: Resetting log files

Michael Williams schrieb:
> Is there an automatic function for resetting the log files on a set
> basis?  I would like to make daily log files and am currently doing it
> manually by 1. stopping the server, 2. saving the contents of access.txt
> to another file, then 3. restarting the server.  Is there a better way?
> Are there plans to add this to the feature set in the future if such a
> mechanism doesn't exist?

not at present time, but the hint is noticed. A compromise for the meantime
could be the usage of a logfile-statistics CGI script where you can filter
by date or other fields. I don't know the hit rate of your server to
estimate if your logfile could grow to large in a short time. Let me know
if you need a script I could mail it.

> Thank you in advance.
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with regards

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