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Re: Making Pi3web not start automatically at bootup


I'm assuming that you are using Win95.  It is run as a services, meaning
that it uses the registry to start up.  The key is at:
Or you could just select search from the menu, and search for "pi3.exe",
and it will take you there.

At 10:09 AM 11/6/98 -0500, Wall, David K. wrote:
>I use Pi3web occasionally, but not every day.  It's set up to start
>automatically when I boot the computer.  How can I set it up so that I have
>to start it manually?  I've looked through the docs, but haven't been able
>to find anything.  Pi3web isn't in the Startup folder in the Start menu, and
>I've not found anything in the registry, although I'm not certain where to
>look.  Any suggestions?
>David Wall