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Re: I have a question

GameAxis Equiliser schrieb:
> Ok, i've gotten a WWWBOARD set up from Matt's Script Archive
> and it keeps giving me this error
> Tue Oct 06 20:53:56 1998 GMT] CGI: CGI program did not provide
> 'Content-Type' header. Start of command line is 'c:\PI3WEB\bin\perl.exe
> C:\PI3WEB\Cgi-Bin\wwwboard.pl '
A CGI-program must start with a well defined output (HTTP-header
or Content-Type header field). The first output of the script
should be a line "Content-Type: text/html" followed by an empty

In Matt's WWWBoard script you'll find these lines in sub-function

sub return_html {
   print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
   print "<html><head><title>Message Added: $subject</title></head>\n";

Check, if your version of the script does any output before the above
lines. You can start script from command-line (look into error message
how Pi3Web calls the script command line) and the script output is shown
on the console window.

> Please Help
> Thanks
> Daniel~

with regards

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