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Re: (Archive Copy) Re: (Archive Copy) Re: CGI-BIN

Ruben V. schrieb:
> Thanks ! my mistake was this make a changes with the server open......
> And now, how can make for the Virtual servers work across of internet (they
> work ok in my intranet, but for the outside don't recognice this Virtual
> Servers names...) ?
> Ruben

8< snip >8
Hi again,
the thing with the virtual hosts is: You need registered domain names
(and/or IP addresses) for the hosts to make them accessible from internet.

The (simplified) explanation: To route a request from a client (web browser)
to a web server an internet service called DNS (Domain Name Service) makes a
translation between domain name <--> IP address. So the TCP/IP data can find
the way between client and server. Ther're lots of DNS servers (like phone
books) in the whole internet where your unique domain name is published for
other internet users.

You can have a domain name and various name aliases for a single IP address.
In this case it'll work as virtual host by name. If you own multiple domains
(or host other domains on your server) it doesn't matter if you use virtual
IP or non-IP hosts.

However, most private people haven't multiple domains (maybe the majority
only has a dynamic IP for a personal web server) so there should be a way
to make the same stuff without real domain names. One way is the usage of
user directories. Some explanation (assumed Pi3Web is running on localhost)
you'll find under


The result of user directories are hosts without a own domain name or
with regards

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