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Re: (Archive Copy) Re: CGI-BIN

RVF schrieb:
> But with this and other change in the configuration, when Pi3 start again
> rewrite this and remove the changes, Why ???

first, make all changes, when the server is stopped.
The Pi3Web server writes a partial new configuration if you make
changes with the administration dialog and save it. For this
purpose are some redundant informations for the administration
window in the last part of the config file. If you make changes
in the upper part of the configuration by hand, don't forget to
make it twice for the administration. Otherwise your manual changes
will be lost if you make something with the GUI and save it.
Some things I described in former mails aren't part of the automatic created
config. So you've to pay attention not to use the admin dialog again if such
changes were made. Two rules I've to keep:
1.) Make backups of the configuration file sometimes
2.) Delete the last AD section in your active configuration to avoid
    unintentionally open the admin dialog again.
(Features.Pi3 is a sample configuration with some special features but
without the chance to edit it with the admin dialog).

Hope this helps
> Ruben V.
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with regards

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