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Good Morning,
The website www.johnroy.com and mailing list pi3-users@johnroy.com is
now available again after an outage of 3.5 weeks.
I humbly apologise for any inconvience that this outage caused. The
reason for the failure was a serious fire in the New York based
hosting facility which destroyed all computers. I tend to think this
'fire' came in the form of enterprising thieves with a crowbar and an
eye for expensive computers, but 'fire' was the official reason.
I was reluncant to move to a different hosting service as I have
been very happy with netrunners.com - they are very competent, a
rare thing in this industry. In november I should be able to get
the pi3.org site running on my own box and T1, until then it will
remain at netrunners.com
Attached below in the group charter of this mailing list, you are
getting this e-mail because you (or somebody impersonating you) asked
to be added to the mailing list of pi3-users@johnroy.com, as usual,
contact me by replying to this e-mail for issues or be to unsubscribed
(though try the automatic approach first as its faster, instructions
Have a nice day,

P.S. As with any outage involving changed DNS servers, it may
take a while for DNS entries for johnroy.com to propagate, this
should be cleared up by now.
Charter for Pi3 Users Listserver Group (pi3-users@johnroy.com)
This mailing list is intended for discussion of topics
relevant to the development on and use of the Pi3 suite of
components including the Pi3Web Webserver.
Questions and discussions of other products directly relating
to Pi3Web and internet technologies in general are also
appropriate, i.e. CGI programs, extras or other web server
Submissions to this list should be e-mailed to
pi3-users@johnroy.com, by default replies to postings will
go to the original poster only (i.e, not the entire list).
This list is archived and the archive published periodically
on the internet at http://www.johnroy.com/pi3/support/.
This list is unmoderated, all submissions are published
directly without prior review by the list manager. Please
note the following points:
        - As with any public internet forum, use good 'netiquette',
in particular
        - Don't spam
        - Avoid long postings - some people pay by the byte
        - Don't be rude, avoid excessive foul lanaguage
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The list manager is listmanager@johnroy.com
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