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Mapping Webroot, and suggestion to changing pi3


As to the question of dynamic IP, there has been a whole slough<sp> of
messages on this topic.  Check the message archive.  I'm not sure what the
final word was on the issue, but since I have a static IP -- that was
oblivious to me. :)

Regarding reading other directories or drives...  If you go to your nice
nifty Pi3Web Server Admin (if you're running Win32), there is a tab called
mappings.  There should be that reads:

Type           From         To                  Realm
Documents      /        webroot\             (none)

'From' means  what the user types into the browser.  'To' is the directory
on your hard drive.  Realm is used for username / password verification.

All you need to do is change that 'To' to whatever directory.   The 'To'
directory is relative to the Pi3 directory, so it is better to enter in an
absolute path, ie. (c:\mywebpages\).

Hey John, how about a 2 level-server admin?  The simple level, and the
nifty level.  The simple level would just have the main webroot mapping,
the webmaster's email, the server-ip / hostname.  I would assume that these
are the options most people need to change.  And basically make the current
config utility, the nifty level.

I'm guess that most regulars to this mailing list are already beyond your
config program, and writing their own .pi3 files, so the main target
audience of this change would be people who don't know their DNS, from
their NSA.