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Re: Mapping.

Tim R. schrieb:
> Right now I have a directory /prog/ that is being mapped. It has a
> index.htm in it and loads fine. I'm wondering if there is a way to
> automaticly show the directory contents of it without CGI/Perl or
^^^^ automatic directory indexing => html table => have no index file
in the directory. Look into your config.pi3:

	Name TableHTML
	Class DirectoryIndexClass
	Include "*"
	Exclude "."

Here you see 2 directives to control what is shown and what is hidden.
Down server, add lines 'Exclude "*.pl"' etc. and then restart.
Remember, the directory index is shown automatic, if there's no index
file (this is the manual counterpart) for the directory.
The files are still there and could be hit by users if they know the
right URL. If you want to supress this use OS-file attributes/rights.

> Java. Is there somehow using Pi3Expressions or something else to make
> it show the directory listing? I don't want to use a indexing program
> either..
> I got pi3web running on Win95 if that helps any.
>                 Thankz,
>                         Tim R.

with regards

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