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Re: Dynamic IP address support...

> Jamie K schrieb:
> Hey there everyone...
>     I looked around through the back-mailing list, and didn't see anything
> that addresses this topic, so here I am. Anyways, a lot of people out there
> have ISP's that use dynamic IP addresses. Being that pi3web doens't exactly
> support this, is there anything around this issue? It can be used, but the
^^^^ Hi,
Pi3Web supports any IP address but this is your problem. If you run Pi3Web
'Remotly using a hostname' just enter 'localhost' in the corresponding edit
field of the admin GUI page 'General'. Your problem is to let other people
know your danymic IP address. There's different solutions for it:

1.) Use a program that publish dynamic IP adress via e-mail (awkward)
2.) Use a program that publish dynamic IP adress via uploading a Website with
    the address to your ISP's host (you must have your own web site on the ISP's
    host and FTP-access to it.
3.) Use WWW-services like http://www.dynip.com/ (30 days free evaluation) that
    give you a sub-domain and this domain points to your dynamic IP when you're

All 3 ways work automatic if you go online. I use the 2nd way and my web server
could be reached from my homepage homepage: http://home.t-online.de/home/zimpel/

when I'm online. To refresh the site with the IP-address I made a small program
called 'DialupEnhancer'. If you like, get it from my web site

or pick it from the Delphi page. Questions? then pse. call me back.

> user's IP address needs to be entered into the hostname field everytime the
> user log onto the ISP. (even more frequently if the IP changes while
> connected) FYI-I'm running the '95 version, and know that there's probably a
> work-around for the Linux version. Anyone out there have any suggestions?
> Thanks, preciate it.
> -Jamie

with regards

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