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Re: CGI Mapping

After following your newest instructions, and adding the cgi MIME type, the
scripts are still not working, I am simply now asked where to put
whatsnew.cgi, even if it is a .pl file, the extension is renamed to .cgi!!!
I have attached my config.pi3 file, in the hopes that the problem can be
found. Maybe I am restarting the server incorrectly?

Thanks, again.
Nathan R Heagy
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-----Original Message-----
From: Holger Zimmermann <zimpel@t-online.de>
To: Nathan R Heagy <nheagy@cintek.com>
Cc: pi3 users <pi3-users@johnroy.com>
Date: July 18, 1998 11:03 PM
Subject: Re: CGI Mapping

>Nathan R Heagy schrieb:
>> Thanks for the suggestion, Holger, but it isn't working on my sytem. I
>> a cgi, whatsnew.cgi, to a document directory, localhost/heagy/, and when
>                  ^^ is file extension .cgi?
>                     then add .cgi to mime-type text/x-perl.
>                     Search for AddMIMEEntry in the Config file and add
>                     AddMIMEEntry "cgi  text/x-perl"
>                     or change it with the GUI admin. When it works now,
>                     I suggest to use the enhanced suggestion (see below).
>> tried to run the cgi netscape asks me to tell it where to download
>> whatsnew.exe. What have I done wrong?
>^^^^       ^^ or .exe?
>If the file extension is .exe the problem is the mime-type of your CGI.
>I build the example for Perl (*.pl, *.cgi) and you are using executables
>(*.exe). I wrote some sentences about the possible enhancements in the
>discussion of my suggestion in the last mail but I did not work out this
>The problem for this mime type is that it is used not only for executables
>but for all binary formats. Here's my suggestion that works with perl and
>.exe CGI's and has some more enhancements (see below):
>1.) Default handler
>Search for
>        Handle CGIScripts
>Change it into
>        Handle
>&regexp('*.exe',$z)))" CGIScripts
>2.) Change the handler object named 'CGIScripts', delete the condition-line
>        Name CGIScripts
>        Class FlexibleHandlerClass
>        CheckPath RefuseFileByMask AllowFileMask="EFD" RefuseStatus=404
>        CheckPath RefuseFileByMask AllowFileMask="F" RefuseStatus=403
>        CheckPath ReturnCode ReturnCode=COMPLETED
>        CheckAccess AccessByFile RequirePermissions="X"
>        CheckType ReturnCode ReturnCode=COMPLETED
>        Handle StandardCGI
>Now CGI is executed when the mime type is "text/x-perl" or
>"application/octet-stream" and the url-file extension is ".exe".
>The condition I moved out of the call of CGIScripts handler, that's
>for speed optimization (ca. 200ms per request). Thank you, Ang-Chih Kao
>for the hint. This example I tested for perl and executable CGI and
>it worked with .pl, .cgi and .exe files.
>Still Problems?
>Check your configuration (GUI or config file) for the following mime
>                     AddMIMEEntry "cgi  text/x-perl"
>                     AddMIMEEntry "exe  application/octet-stream"
>                     AddMIMEEntry "pl   text/x-perl"
>> Thanks for any (more) suggestions.
>No matter.
>> Nathan R Heagy
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