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Re: Non-IP Virtual hosting in Pi3Web

I hoping I'm not missing something but you have to create
an entry for www.supernetworkcon-au.com in your dns server, I
get DNS server timeouts when I request the domain so my guess
is DNS is not set up correctly. 

The Pi3Web configuration doesn't touch DNS - you've got to do
that is a seperate step I hard coded entries for www.parklodgehotel.com
and www.supernetworkcon-au.com in my local hosts files under w95
and was able to get to both sites (though the Non-IP hosting
must not have been configurated at that time because I saw the same

Here's my nslookup results:

world:/home/ghar/jproy>nslookup www.parklodgehotel.com  
Server:  world.std.com

Name:    ns0.parklodgehotel.com
Aliases:  www.parklodgehotel.com

world:/home/ghar/jproy>nslookup www.supernetworkcon-au.com
Server:  world.std.com

*** Request to world.std.com timed-out                                         

Server:  world.std.com

Name:    supern2.lnk.telstra.net
Hope this helps,
> Hi,
> For the past few days, I have tried without success to get Pi3Web to host a
> virtual domain. I have loaded www.supernetworkcon-au.com as a virtual domain
> in Pi3Web and our primary DNS server will not recognise this host
> www.supernetworkcon-au.com.
> Our main IP address is and is configured  as
> www.parklodgehotel.com.
> Regards,
> Gerry Donachie