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Re: CGI Error

Xiangrong Fang schrieb:
> Hi,
^^^^ Hi, 
> I tried to write a simple cgi program under Pi3, but there's something
> wrong, please help me.
> I use Turbo Pascal 7 to write this program (also tried to write a batch
> file under 4dos, same result, it seems not a problem of pascal :-), it
> worked and saved POST data in to a file CGI_TEST.TXT, but it does not
> return, the client can't see the program output and will wait forever.
> The following is source code:
> program cgi_test;
> uses dos;
> type
>     oar=array [1..65000] of char;
> var
>    f,g:file of char;
>    buf:pointer;
>    size,code,i:word;
> begin
>      val(getenv('CONTENT_LENGTH'),size,code);
>      getmem(buf,size);
>      assign(f,'');
>      reset(f);
>      assign(g,'CGI_TEST.TXT');
>      rewrite(g);
>      for i:=1 to size do
>      begin
>           read(f,oar(buf^)[i]);
>           write(g,oar(buf^)[i]);
>      end;
>      close(f);
>      close(g);
>      writeln('Content-Type: text/html');
>      writeln;
>      write('<HTML><BODY>');
>      write('<H1>Thank you for using CGI_TEST<BR>');
>      write('Your information was send to the webmaster</H1>');
>      writeln('</BODY></HTML>');
>      halt(0);
> end.
I think that 16 bit DOS/Windows code can't be used from Pi3's CGI handler.
I suppose (but hasn't a look at the related parts of the source code) that
WIN32 process/thread mechanisms are used to launch CGI applications and to
wait for them.
Your code works principal - tried it with TP 6.0. I did also build a Delphi
3 binary from it (made some minor modifications to use environment funcions
of the Win32 API) and it works too - now also from the server.

Look for a 32 Bit Windows Compiler.

> Tks.
> Xiangrong Fang

with regards

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