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Re: web server

Bundy91@aol.com schrieb:
> is there any way to have the software load index.html without having to type
> it in?

Hi, yes -

shut down the server, open /Pi3Web/Conf/Config.Pi3 with an editor and search
for "index.html". You'll find a line

CheckPath DirectoryExists IndexFile="index.ssi" IndexFile="index.html" ...

Exchange the first both IndexFile= ... definitions and save your work.
Restart the server and then try "http://localhost/" (or your hostname).
If you have a form "/Pi3Web/Webroot/index.html" you'll see the site.
That's all.

Server looks for the files in the above config line in the order you see
there. If a listed file not exists server tries to open the next. If no
file exists then directory table for Webroot is shown.

with regards

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