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Re: CSS-2

I am using CSS a little on the web, and a lot on my localhost site. Netscape
does not fully support all CSS tags. To see what works, what doesn't, and
why, visit http://www.projectcool.com. They have an excellent list that I
have printed out and refer to often. I ahve not tested it, but I belive that
<P> is seperate from <body>. To make fully sure, delete all references to
<P> in your stylesheet. It may be that it only works if there is not a <P>
definition to overwrite it.

Nathan R Heagy
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From: Ang-Chih Kao <akao@MIT.EDU>
To: pi3 users <pi3-users@johnroy.com>
Date: June 14, 1998 5:40 PM
Subject: CSS-2

>Does anyone know why Netscape displays CSS-2 webpages with this weird
>Arial-like font?  Also, if I assign <BODY> with a font-family CSS style,
>isn't that property inherited by susequent <P>'s and <FORM>'s?  My problem
>is that whatever I assign to <BODY> seems to be lost once it enters a
><FORM>.  Or for that matter, it's lost before, hand as well.
>Is this a browser bug, or my error?  Is anyone even using CSS?