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Re: Isapi

Hi All,

Like Holger I have been struggling with Isapi. In doing so I have discovered
new and spectacular ways to crash Windows95, even within blocks of code
protected with exceptions and all. I guess that I am a remarkable programmer
if I am able to generate an animated blue screen??? Anyway, I have learned
once again to save my code before trying anything.

Holger wrote:
> Problem:
> The pECB.cbTotalBytes holds possibly 2 bytes less than required.
> If I sent a small block (all data available from pECB) the
> pECB.cbTotalBytes member is always 2 bytes smaller than the
> pECB.cbAvailable field.

I have found the same. I also tested this with other Isapi-enabled browsers.
ServerSeven reports exactly the same figures as Pi3. PWS and Fnord report
the same figure for cbTotalBytes and cbAvailable, in both cases the lower
figure. I also counted characters (only 55 in the data I posted). I came to
the conclusion that the lower figure should be the right figure.

Thanks for the code Holger.

I already guessed I was drifting in memory when I crashed. It just took one
look at your code to recognize I had been passing a variable in stead of a
pointer. Amazing how one or two monkey-tails can make or break your day.

Have a wonderful day,