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Re: More Questions - the answers are so good!

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From: Holger Zimmermann <zimpel@t-online.de>

>Hi again, let's do it by an example.
>You have a project named 'guestbook', all files stored in path
>I suggest to configure a new virtual host 'projects' and to create some
>mappings for the directories.
>1.) Open server's administration window, page "Non IP virtual hosts"
>2.) Add a virtual host:
>    - Internet hostname:     projects
>    - Document root mapping: c:\projects\
>3.) Add 2 or more mappings for guestbook project
>    - type: CGI
>    - virtual: /guestbook/cgi-bin/
>    - physical: c:\projects\guestbook\cgi-bin\
>    - type: Documents
>    - virtual: /guestbook/
>    - physical: c:\projects\guestbook\public_html\
>4.) save new server configuration
>5.) open c:\windows\hosts with notepad and add the new hostname:
>       projects
>6.) restart Windows

Holger, thanks for the reply. The problem I am having is with the above
instructions - I tried to do this, but I am told that I must dial the
internet to connect / this site is not available offline. My questions are:
how do I map to the project specifically? I want project1 to have
project1/cgi-bin/ I don't have a c:\windows\hosts file, only hosts.sam which
says it is a sample file, and changing it hasn't done anything.
To make myself clearer: I want to have http://localhost as the local test
location for my real site, heagy.com and have atleast one or more
http://project1, http://project2 which I can use to test my projects. You
mentioned this was possible. The GUI mapper doesn't ask which host the
mapping belongs to, so how do I make c:\projects\project1 to map to
http://project1 and have c:\projects\project1\cgi-bin\ map as CGI for
http://project1 only?

I really appreciate your help. Thank you very much.

Nathan R Heagy
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