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Version 1.0.3 Available for 95/NT

Hi Folks,
The 1.0.3 release of Pi3Web is now available from 


This is a bugfix release.

From the release notes:

Release Notes for Pi3Web Release 6/98 1.0.3
    o Fixed bug with exec virtual in SSI's, query strings were
    	not being parsed so parameters could not be passed.
    o Added CommandLineByExt directive to CGI for default configuration
    	so that .cgi files are executed as perl scripts.
    o Tidied up setup so that background window does not fill the entire
        screens, also the icons are setup correctly for both 95 and NT, but
        see note below
    o Installation to directories with spaces works but icons are not setup
        correctly (wrong icons) - this is a limitation of the old DDE 
        PROGMAN interface.

Thanks to all who brought these bugs to my attention.