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I know that there are scripts out there, that ftp a page to your ISP, so
people going there can be redirected to your dialup server.  I was
wondering if there is a java applet or script, that could instead ping a
dialup server, and if ther server is alive, redirect the browser, but if
not, displaying a page that the server is down.

At MIT, we recently setup a DHCP system, unfortunately they did not take
into consideration updating the DNS entries, hence, my IP keeps changing
while my DNS entries point to my old IP address.  So I was hoping to put up
a page on the mit web server, that would direct people to my current IP.
But I don't want to use FTP, since FTP uses clear text password.


Ang-Chih Kao

(And I still can't get pi3web to run under linux  -- I get a segmentaiton
fault error, now.)