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Re: pi3 in Linux

> Wow, I'm writing to you guys from my nifty new installation of Linux. Emacs for e-mail.  Such a change.  The reason I'm writing is that I can't run Pi3 under Linux.  It says that it can not load "libPi2API.so".  Needless to say I did download the Linux x86 version.  I also added the bin directory to the path, and it still won't load.  This is probably some really stupid mistake on my part.

Very cool,
I hope linux works really well for you. I just ordered a new computer
to run Linux/Pi3Web on a T1 for some sites I'm going to host - 
including a new pi3web site.

You just need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the bin directory. Have a
look at this old message from the mailing list archive


Also try to start by using the start.sh/stop.sh scripts in the 
bin directory. Ultimately customize these scripts and but them 
in your rc.d files for automatic startup/shutdown when the run level

So from a fresh installation just 

cd bin; pwd;
should be > /home/me/pi3web/bin

Also have a look in the readme files - theres a remote chance they
contain relevant information.

> Danke.