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Re: Visual Basic / FrontPage

Ang-Chih Kao schrieb:
> It seems like I will be forced to write a Web Interface with Frontpage that
Frontpage I've to use for a project to make the online help for an application.
Exchange of experience is possible soon. (1-2 weeks)
> interacts with a Visual Basic program, that I will also have to write.
Visual Basic I had to use for some Excel and Winword Macro stuff, some
years gone meanwhile, but I could try to help. Newer version of the above
programs has VB added so you can find a fairly well documentation there and
you have a usable development and debugging environment.
The best way - if you have a concrete question, ask me. May be I can help.
> Since I have no experience with either, anyone know good starting points?
try http://www.microsoft.com/msdn/
> (Sorry, I've been bough over to the dark side.  At only 7.50 an hour, too.
> <sigh>  Life of a poor programmer.)
You've found another poor programmer but I work for the dark side since
I can think (in algorithms).

I remember you posted a mail about the junior summit at the MIT some weeks
ago. My own children are too young (4, 1) to take part but if you need any
other support here in Germany let me know. (My little daughter can say
'puter' since yesterday, is this enough qualification?)

with regards

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