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CGI scripts again - new versions

Hi Pi3-users,

I offer a few Perl scripts again - enhanced versions. They were coded in 
agreement with John Roy for the PI3Web server so they later could be
packaged with the server (text/graphic counter, access statistics,
banners, guestbook). Chat, Messageboard, Homepage Search, e-mail
automation are planned/now under construction.

All scripts are designed to work in Personal/Intranet/Internet
environments (this means who can access the scripts from which hosts).
They were made for commercial usage (user ID's, list of allowed
hosts/IP's, "robinson" list of forbidden hosts/IP's) but they also
should work "plug and play" after installation. Perl 5.003 is required
'cause the scripts were build with modular design.

If you want to participate and to influence the result of this
work - help me to test the scripts:

If you want to help to finish the development send me a short
mail with the following contents:

- the environment within you use PI3Web (Personal, Intranet,
- the hardware/OS environment within your server operates
- What scripts you want to test

I've prepared my homepage for download the scripts:


If you have problems with HTTP-download send me a mail and I
send you the ZIP's our TAR.GZ files you ask me for.

Special note:
Please report any bugs/suggestions direct to my mail address
to keep clean the Pi3-users mailing list from that stuff.

Thanks a lot for your support! (I really need it 'cause I have
only one PC with one OS for tests at home).

Special thanks to Michael Doyle for his great effort.

With regards Holger "Zimpel" Zimmermann