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Re: OFF TOPIC: C/C++ Tutorial stuff and some networking stuff (please read!)

Vertigo schrieb:
> hey i was wondering if any of you know some good C/C++ tutorial stuff that
> would help me learn the basics and some commands. If you do know any or you
> could email some stuff that you think might be usefull to learning the
> language email it to vertigo@nirvanafan.com
> I dont want anything that just tells how C/C++ originated and its history
> and all that crap.
> Also does anyone know of any programs that would allow you to hook up a LAN
> network between DOS and Windows 95? or Win3.1 and Win95?
> Thanx
> Vertigo


1.) I'v only books about C/C++ but I look for an electronic tutorial
for you.

2.) It's simple - use Windows for Workgroups to connect a Windows 3.x
client with other Windows 95 clients. Simple install a "client for
Microsoft Networks" on the Win 3.x client. For a DOS client install
WfW and then call NET START from the DOS prompt and you can connect
without starting Windows. The better way for DOS clients is to 
install a Windows 95 client as "Microsoft Client for Netware" and the
"release service for NetWare networks" (terms coul be others, I use a
German Windows 95 version) to release resources to the network.
Then you can connect to this Windows 95 client in the same way as if
it is a Novell server (use DOS client software for NetWare).

hope this helps
With regards - Holger