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Re: form mail, etc.

Dan Walker schrieb:
> Hi, fellow Pi3'ers. I have a question...
> I'm having problems with forms that require a sendmail program. I am
> running Pi3Web on Win95, and I've read the archived e-mail that didnt'
> really come to any conclusion about this.
> Is there a program I can run that will do what sendmail does for Unix?
> If anyone out there can point me to it, I'd appreciate it... thank you!
> Dan
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I've made a small Delphi tool SENDMAIL.EXE that works similar
to UNIX/LINUX sendmail. The tool uses Microsoft's MAPI
(that means you must have an Exchange installation). Another
version without MAPI is planned but not yet realized.
I send you an example CGI-script, HTML-test form and the 
SENDMAIL.EXE in a separate e-mail.

Happy Eastern!
Holger Zimmermann