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Junior Summit. (for non-Americans)

This is not directly (but kind of) related to Pi3.  This is directed to all
the non-Americans on the mailing list.  MIT is hosting a Junior Summit.  It
is going to be forum, both real and virtual, of children around the world
about technology and how it has changed the world.  It is free to the kids.
And even better, MIT will supply the necessary equipment to connect kids
who have no connection.  I will be helping to set up the equipment. So if
you guys can get some kids in Europe, I can get a free plane ticket there.  :)

The web site is http://www.jrsummit.net  .  The web site and applications
are avaible in several languages, including many European languages.   THE
DEADLINE IS THE END OF THIS MONTH, so please hurry and spread the word to
your colleagues and friends.

Umm, sorry Americans.  I guess we already have too many of those.  ;)