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Re: Problems with cgi

At 11:01 AM 3/15/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Zeppelin Inc. schrieb:
>> Have a few cgi programs that I am trying to get to work the problem is with
>> the - caracter
>> line like img src="/cgi-bin/counter.exe?-fh00f+-dhome+index.htm
>> if you take out all after the ?  so it reads
>> img src="/cgi-bin/counter.exe?index.html
>> it works but you cant send any arguments to it to change settings am I
>> missing something? or is this because it won't let the - caracter through?
>> thanks for any help you can give
>> also reply by email if you want
>> zeppelin@neo.lrun.com
>I reproduced your problem - I also can't understand why the "-" characters
>seems to swollow
>the following part of the query string ---> try to ask a CGI or Perl expert.
>But - fortunately - I tried some things and changed the field separators into
>"&" characters - now
>there is no problem there with the "-" characters in the parameter fields.
>My basic idea was, that the HTML-form methods "GET" and "POST" also use "&"
>to separate the input values in your HTML-form's input controls and who
>prohibits the input of a
>"-" character in such a control.
>To evaluate the Env-String use the following perl code within your perl
>read(STDIN, $buffer, $ENV{'CONTENT_LENGTH'});
>@values = split(/&/, $buffer);
>I think you have to replace code lines similar "@values = split(/+/,
>in your perl programm.
>Hope this helps.
>Holger "Zimpel" Zimmermann
Thanks for the info Icould change this but I'm useing a compiled exe file
that I am not shure what format it is in vb perl ect.. . Have looked at the
env var and it won't pass any thing with a - in it not shure why can this -
be hard coded in the p3i config so it will call it with them added or is
there a way to precode the string and when that exe is called add a line
with a default setup. i see that bat files have a /c and then the var are
passed  to the command line can we hard code this some how?.

thanks for all the replys