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Re: does Pi3 server support Multiple domains?

yes it can, modify your config.pi3 file

John Roy know's everything, he's the one to ask :) he has been a big help to me

Vertigo wrote:

> dns and/or ip. i mean like could pi3 run bfs.com, vertigo.dynip.com,
> vertigo.usinternet.com, and and do all this by like mapping a
> directory to each domain, for example
> when somebody types in bfs.com it would goto my server and my server would
> detect that they want to access bfs.com and virtually open like C:\bfs\ and
> have the directory C:\bfs\ hold all of the documents/cgi/ect. for bfs.com.
> now do you get what i'm saying?
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> From: Ang-Chih Kao <akao@MIT.EDU>
> To: Vertigo <vertigo1@metallicafan.com>
> Date: Thursday, March 12, 1998 10:25 AM
> Subject: Re: does Pi3 server support Multiple domains?
> >At 04:09 PM 3/12/98, you wrote:
> >>does anyone know if Pi3 server supports multiple domains?
> >
> >What is multiple domains?  is it realms?  is it dns?  is it ip? what?
> >