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Re: Keep-Alive

> How do I do local captures?  The program I'm using seems to only be able to
> capture packets that actually goes on the wire.  I told it to only filter
> my hardware adress.  Then I use the web browser to acess my own web site
You can make Pi3Web write IO to a logfiles in varying degrees of 

In the config file (probably Conf\Config.pi3) find the line

	IOObject ServerIOObject 

and replace it with

	IOObject SnoopIO IOObject="ServerIOObject" OutFile=".\io.dbg"

to write all data read and written to and from browsers in summary
form to the file bin\io.dbg (C:\Pi3Web\bin\io.dbg). Likewise the

	IOObject Snoop IOObject="ServerIOObject" OutFile="..\logs\snoop.dbg" Flag="Verbose"

Will log the same information in verbose form to the file logs\snoop.dbg
(C:\Pi3Web\logs\snoop.dbg) - this will give a pretty hex and ascii dump
of every byte sent.

You can use the same trick for monitoring data between and server and
CGI or FastCGI applications.

Note that you can view these files under NT while the server is running,
on windows 95 you'll have to stop the server to cause the OS to flush
and close the file (this is a win95 thing).

> (both on the same computer).  Since nothing goes on the wire, it appears
> the network monitoring program captures nothing.
> Suggestions?

Hope that helps,