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Re: pi3 reverse DNS

> Is the reverse DNS purpose to merely store the name into a variable, or is
People use reverse DNS for thier logfiles, because its a lot better
to know that www.microsoft.com is looking at you website than

> it to block access from people without a DNS entry?  I'm asking because
Some people restrict access by browser IP, this is a security flaw
because dedicated hackers can 'spoof' thier own IP and gain access to
restricted information.

> when I enable reverse DNS and access pi3 (1.0) from an address w/o a DNS
> entry, the web browser times out waiting for data.  Is there a way to limit
This is windows 95?, it doesn't happen under unix and is not meant to
happen under windows, I don't know the specifics of what MS is doing
with the TCP stack these days but the sockets service


is meant to return a hostname given an IP or fail, on failure Pi3Web
uses the IP in place of the hostname and happily continues, it
seems the problem is where the OS just takes a whole lot of time to
decide it doesn't have the IP. 

> the number ms to wait looking for a DNS entry, or what?
I'm not sure of the options for fine tuning the OS and beyond that
the network DNS services in terms of the latest MS stuff. 

There may be options to set a timeout to gethostbyaddr() within Pi3Web,
I'd like to look into how other Internet servers handle this issue.