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Re: help (fwd)

 > Anybody got websites for info on page counter techniques?
 > John
 > Forwarded message:
 > >
 > > How do I go about putting a page counter on my hompage, I need to
 > > how many times its been hit.
 > > Thamks.
 > >
 Hi John,
 I will try to help the sender of the above message with my own
 experiences (first steps) in designing my private web site.
 If the sender likes correct English language you are free to correct my
 following sentences.

 Preference: The page counter must reside on a web server because nobody
 else can count the hits of all users worldwide all the time at one
 I know 2 ways to create a counter on your web site:
 1. If the web server where your page resides has CGI (Common Gateway
    Interface) support and users can use CGI for own purposes you can
    create a simple CGI-script to count the hits. You must upload the
    script on the server's CGI-BIN-directory via FTP and include a HTML
    tag that causes the execution of the script on the server and
    includes the result at the position of the HTML tag into your page.
    The result of a CGI-script is usually a simple output to the stdout
    device redirected into your document, that means the counter is
    shown as simple text in the web site. I've appended an example CGI
    script for a page counter.
    If you are interested in CGI basics there is a (German) web site
    with useful informations: http://www.reibold.com/toolbox/cgi/
 2. there are many web services who sell pagecounter functionality and
    also a few, where you can get a free pagecounter. I know by heart
    two sources for a free graphic page counter:
    I use the 2nd counter service because pagecount includes promotion
    into its counter graphic (Blows up loading time and decreases space
    for your own information). But if you also want extended statistics
    and a guest book at the same time pagecount could be used. 
    The web sites contain all the information you need for registration
    and usage of your page counter, here only a small summary:
    - register your page counter (you need your site URL, e-mail address
      and a possible password)
    - you get a e-mail or a web site with the informations you need to
      install the counter
    - change your web site following these informations for instance
      with the following HTML tag:
      <img src="http://Counter.org/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?df=1.dat">
    Visit my web site to see a pagecounter work (there is also my
    (German) page with information and links about homepage development
    and several tools you need for that):

   Greetings from Holger