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RE: Message Board

I currently use that board (Matt's Web Message Board) and it works well. I 
am also looking for something a little more robust like HyerNews 
(www.hypernews.org) However HyperNews has not been ported to NT. Although it 
is written in perl it also calls a number of UNIX commands. If anyone knows 
of something like this that will work on NT please forward the info to the 

PS At the time I write this (Dec. 11, 7:30am CST) www.hypernews.org is not 

Will Vervair
Lawson Software

From: pi3-users-request
To: pi3-users
Subject: Message Board
Date: Thursday, December 11, 1997 2:40AM


I've been looking at various solutions out there for creating a
messageboard, that would serve as an archive.

The current one I'm exploring is at http://worldwidemart.com/scripts/
It involves a CGI - Perl script.  Anyone know of a better way or 

John, does your ISP allow CGI - Perl scripts?