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Re: Members area

> hey to anyone or whoever, I run webhosting at intercities.dyn.ml.org and
> wanted to know does anyone have a script that works with pi3 for a "members
> area" or someting that can make/upload webpages to someones folder. please
Following from an earlier e-mail of yours I've spent a little
time playing with editpage 5.0 - and got it working to some extent, 
After testing I've fixed a bug with large stdout output on CGI's
precipitated by this CGI utility. Editpage 5.0 looks really UNIX specific
, tough the docs. say it works on Windows, I only spent a few minutes playing
with it and it looked pretty good, however I didn't have the time to make
it work fully.

Since Microsoft wont release the specs for frontpage I've tried to see
what other free software fills the same space, I'm sure I'll get editpage
to work, anybody with suggestions of other software let us know.


> help me
> thank you