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Re: getting Pi3 to run...

Hi Sven,
I saw your e-mail this morning and by the time I checked back at
lunch you'd solved the problem yourself... guess I'll have to go faster
next time.

I guess your using Pi3 on 0.9b3 on Solaris/Sparc, 0.9b4 was never built
on sparc (Solaris for Intel only), right? otherwise I'm real confused.

Note that you can switch threading models by playing in 
the two versions of libPiAPI.so (libPiAPI_USER.so and libPiAPI_KRNL.so).

The only bug I know of with 0.9b3 on solaris/sparc was that I could not seem
to get Eric Youngs SSLeay library to work (worked fine with Linux and NT)
when I testing Pi3 over SSL.

Let this group or me directly know of any further problems.


> Hi everybody,
> I'm new to this list but I hope this is the right place to get an answer on my question although I guess it's a very basic one.
> I've downloaded the solaris binaries of Pi3 (0.9b4) and unpacked them in my user directory. After executing the configurtion script, I tried to run
> 	Pi3 Config.pi3
> and got the response
> 	ld.so.1: Pi3: fatal: libPi2API.so: can't open file: errno=2
> 	Killed
> Does anybody have an idea what's going wrong? We have a UltraSparc 1 WS running Solaris 2.51. If you need more information, please let me know.
> Bye
> Sven
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