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Re: Perl Problems

[stuff deleted]
> Can you give us a list of these error-codes and their possible solutions ???
The error codes are operating system dependent, in this case (and most)
error coes are what win32 throws out, here ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND (2),
as defined in winerror.h. sometimes in testing I've seen ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED
(5) and ERROR_INVALID_NAME (123) when I've tried to CreateProcess() 
seriously mangled paths.

The real solutions here is to print out as much
diagnostic information as possible (to a secure error log) and translate
obscure win32 error codes into messages (via FormatMessage). This I
have done most of the time.

Anybody who wants a copy of winerror.h for translating win32 errors into
text send me a personal e-mail jroy@johnroy.com and I'll send all
200K - but its probably not terribly informative - I tried to generate
messages that point out why a CGi failed rather than the win32 error
code which can be a little obscure.

[stuff deleted]
BTW: Did any of you test some perl programs (win32) and is convinced that
it is working properly ??? (when it works, mail the url or the program to
me, ill add them to a list)
And send me the stuff that is not working....