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Re: Hi

> I have a question about the program pi3web. I am trying to set it up to
> do protected directories and i can't find anything on how to do it in
> the help documents. Can you help?
I assume you're using Pi3Web on Windows 95 or NT. The steps required using
the administration GUI (EnhPi3) are as follows.

	1) Create a protection realm - go to the 'Users' tab and add a new
	realm, call it mikes_friends or whatever. Add at least one user into
	this realm.

	2) Now go to the mappings page. You can associate this realm with any
	mapping there by selecting the mapping and changing the realm from
	'(none)' to 'mikes_friends'. So if you make '/cgi-bin/' protected
	anyone you tries to go to http://your_computer/cgi-bin/Hello.exe will
	be prompted for a username and password which must match one the users
	you entered in the 'Users' tab.

	3) Don't make /errors/ protected, people will get 'document not found'
	everytime they hit a bad link

	4) Remember to hit 'OK' or 'Apply' before trying the protected realm.

There's a lot of online docs on this subject of proected spaces and basic
authentication. I don't have the URL's to hand.

Also if you subscribe to pi3-users@johnroy.com mailing list you'll get a bigger
audience for your questions. See the instructions at

Hope this helps,