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3. Kiev content administrator

3.1 Introduction

The Kiev content administrator can be downloaded from the Pi3Web developer area: After installation you should add a new content administration object for your Pi3Web server. If your server runs different hosts you can either setup a content administrator object for each host or one object for all your virtual hosts.

3.2 Setup

Before using the content administrator for the first time you've to install and setup the KIEV.PL program in the /cgi-bin/ directory of your Pi3Web server. Setup the following script variables:

The base64 encoded username and password you can read from config.pi3 if you has prepared a user account for the web administration level or you can use /cgi-bin/base64.exe to encode a new user name and password.

3.3 Operation

When you have started your content administrator object and try to expand the tree node of your host you've to enter username and password and when accepted you'll see the contents of the webroot directory of your host. You can do the following operations with it from the file menu:

3.4 Development state

The content administrator is in an early test stadium now. Be carefull, delete operations are started without confirmation.

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